Reign in Blood is what it is considered to be Slayer's master creation, and also the best thrash album of all times. And I have to agree. Reign in Blood is just unbelievably AMAZING! Most metal bands worship this album, and it is quite understandable why. This album marked a new path for thrash metal by breaking the standards of the typical thrash metal we were used to (like 
Metallica's), and making it besides heavier more aggressive - so then later on a new metal style would be born from the aggressiveness that is slayer: death metal. Reign in Blood has songs filled with aggressive, fast and heavyriffs which we can enjoy thanks to Hannemann and Kerry King's abilities with the guitar a legendary duo. Then we have Dave Lombardo displaying his superior skills in the drums giving songs their rough and brutal sound, and oh the speed at which he plays! Now Dave has joined Slayer again 
temporarily, but let's hope he stays permanently.
Reign in Blood was an album way advanced for the time it came out. It was geniously composed, and purposely blasphemous. Angel of Death is probably the most famous song by them, a metal anthem for metal heads. Slayer's lyrics have always been blasphemous and diabolic - and gory too, but in Angel of Death's lyrics we can see some very geniously written lyrics - Angel of Death's lyrics talking about Auschwitz, the infamous concentration 
camp where Jewish people were killed and worked. This song is sooooo good! There's a part almost at the end of the song where Lombardo executes a "drum solo" and then the guitars start their heavy sound which seconds later speed up to become a fast and furious monster - but only for a short period of time! Raining Blood is another legendary song that is very unique, and not like many typical thrash metal songs where the song's structure is made of 
sections of that song that are repeated after some time (confusing?). There is no section in Raining Blood's structure that is repeated again. What a great song it is!
In conclusion, Reign in Blood is an excellent album that will make Slayer be remembered for eternity. The only bad thing I could find about this album is that it is somewhat short. I guess I will just have to play it over again, because I cannot get enough of it.

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