Prophecy of ragnarök


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True Heavy Metal is here! Brothers Of Metal the hottest new band of the Scandinavian metal scene brings an epic, extremely catchy mix of Power Metal, irresistible melodies, heavy guitar riffs. "Prophecy Of Ragnarök" will mark the debut for Brothers Of Metal. The album was originally released by the band itself in 2017 and has been streamed over 10 million times to date! Now with a label like AFM behind them everything will be raised to a new level. The album will be out on AFM Records worldwide in November 2018! 1. Death Of The God Of Light
2. Son Of Odin
3. Prophecy Of Ragnarök
4. Defenders Of Valhalla
5. Concerning Norns
6. Yggdrasil
7. Tyr
8. Siblings Of Metal
9. Gods Of War
10. Freya
***Digipak and LP only tracks***
11. The Mead Song
12. Sleipnir
13. Fire Blood And Steel
14. We Believe In Metal

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