Profane Prayer

CD (Nuclear Blast)

Available from 01/03/2024

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Newly re-signed Greek thrashers SUICIDAL ANGELS return to Nuclear Blast for their 8th studio album ‘Profane Prayer’. Releasing their first album in 2007, Suicidal Angels cut their teeth supporting Kreator and Celtic Frost in Greece before joining MTVs Headbangers Ball Tour alongside Kreator, Exodus and Death Angel in 2010. After the brooding guitar intro, first single ‘When The Lions Die’ bursts out with ultra tight rhythms and euphonious guitar accents, showcasing the band at their most memorable.
Side A
1. When the Lions Die
2. Crypts of Madness
3. Purified by Fire
4. Deathstalker
Side B
5. Profane Prayer
6. The Return of the Reaper
7. Guard of the Insane
8. Virtues of Destruction
9. The Fire Paths of Fate

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