Power From Hell

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"Power from Hell" is the debut studio album by pioneers of British thrash metal - Onslaught, originally released in 1985. "Power from Hell" mines territory similar to that of early Slayer, making these thrashers one of the first bands to begin refining a sound into what would later become death metal. This important piece of metal history influenced and defined the early works of many bands such as Exodus, Slayer and Metallica.
1.Damnation/Onslaught (Power From Hell)
2.Thermonuclear Devastation
3.Skullcrusher I
4.Lord Of Evil
5.Death Metal
6.Angels Of Death
7.The Devil’s Legion
8.Steel Meets Steel
9.Skullcrusher II
10.Witch Hunt
11.Mighty Empress
Bonus tracks
12.Thermonuclear Devastation Of The Planet Earth
13.Power From Hell (re-recorded 2011)

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