Phantom Rhythm


Available from 09/05/2020

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CD | LP Clear

SECOND EDITION LP: Clear black vinyl with an expanded
English, Cantonese and Japanese lyric sheet/poster. A
smokey black, subtle tortoiseshell-patterned LP!
Guitar-and-bass duo Gong Gong Gong charges out from
Beijing's underground scene with a distinct vision and
uncompromising sense of purpose. The group unites
musical cultures, drawing on inspirations as wide-ranging
as Bo Diddley, Cantonese opera, West African desert blues,
drone, and electronic music.
On their debut LP, Phantom Rhythm, the locomotive chug
of Tom Ng's guitar combines with Joshua Frank's
thumping, harmonics-laden bass lines to conjure an aura
of ghostly snare hits and timpani overtones. Over Frank's
enigmatic melodies, Ng sings in Cantonese, piecing
together abstract tales of absurdity, doubt, desire, and
Synchronized to the point of near-telepathy, the band use
their minimalistic tools and idiosyncratic playing style to
challenge the notions of rock `n' roll and strip the form

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