Our Darkest Days

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Available from 12/05/2010

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Making music together for over 10 years, Ignite is an international act with a diehard global following. They've got a proven, rabid fanbase that populates over 30 countries, thanks to their Iron Man tour scheduling. People go crazy for Ignite all over Europe, Australia, South America, and in their native US, and that's why the band lives on the road, bringing the fans what they want and what they need. "Our Darkest Day" is a great blend of hardcore, punk and rock, on which Ignite have progressed beyond their punk/hardcore foundation. Songs like "Bleeding" and "Let It Burn" have so much energy you'd think singer Zoli Teglas, his longtime co-conspirator Brett Rasmussen, and their crew downed several cases of Red Bull before recording, but there is a depth and breadth of focused songwriting on this album. EMI. 2006.

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