Old & Angry


Available from 11/11/2017

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A sensation from the house of Randale records! After 35 years! The punk legends INFA RIOT release a new Studio album! Yes you read that correctly! The band had reunited some years ago now and have been playing sensationally good live shows around the world! So it was only a matter of time before there was new material from the guys! The album connects seamlessly with their now classic debut album! Punk as it should be; great songwriting & the unmistakable voice of Lee Wilson! Tracks like "kiss my arse" or "attack" speak a clear language! You could not choose a better album title...... "Old & Angry"! 1. Over my dead body
2. Kiss my arse
3.  Attack
4. Brick Wall
5. Punk and Oi!
6. I am so angry
7. Whoever you are
8. I always come back to Blightly
9. Who the fuck are you
10. Proud
11. I am more punk than you
12. Akward Bastards
13. What goes around

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