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Chicago Illinois metal band DAWNBRINGER could very well be one of the most cult U.S. underground metal bands today. Formed more than 15 years ago, the band put out an EP followed by two killer and highly praised underground gems in the 90s leading into the new millennium, namely Sacrament EP followed by the Unbleed and Catharsis Instinct full-lengths respectively. Influenced by many forms of metal, which include NWOBHM, progressive and traditional metal, and melodic death metal respectively, Dawnbringer would eventually become one of the most unique underground metal bands today. Formed by Chris Black (one of Chicagos most accomplished metal musicians and producers today), who has quite the repertoire in metal nonetheless as for years he has been the overall co-conspirator/producer/and lyricist of NACHTMYSTIUM (hes pretty much Blake Judds right-man in that band), and also in such great bands as SUPERCHRIST, PHARAOH, and the newly spawned HIGH SPIRITS, it is ironic in a way that even though DAWNBRINGER is the band he has been in the longest, its the band Chris Black is least known for. Maybe it was because of DAWNBRINGERs somewhat elusive character, or band inactivity, but DAWNBRINGER would eventually resurface in 2006 when Nachtmystiums Blake Judd would release their very unique In Sickness And In Dreams release on his Battle Kommand label. Masterminded solely by Chris Black In Sickness was a highly addicting 25-minute full-length album so dense and packed with a myriad of metal influences that pretty much blew people away where many claimed it as one of the most uniquely structured and sounding underground metal albums of our time. Four years since, during a stint where Profound Lore Records once again became obsessed with In Sickness, Profound Lore would end up contacting Chris Black to see what the status was with DAWNBRINGER. And just like that a deal was struck to release the follow-up to In Sickness. So Chris Black would immediately conjure a collection of songs (after endlessly contemplating the concept and structure of the album) and in early June, along with the help of some fellow musicians (some who coincidentally appeared on past DAWNBRINGER releases), entered Semaphore Studios with Sanford Parker to manifest what would inevitably become the new and ultimately best DAWNBRINGER full-length album to date, Nucleus. Once again proving that DAWNBRINGER is one of the most unique and best metal bands hailing from America, along with Chris Black being one of the most creative musicians in the metal underground, Nucleus is the amalgamation of what all good heavy metal should encompass and is an album that will be considered as one of the most creative, catchy, and exciting heavy metal albums anyone will hear in 2010.

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