Now and Forever

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5th album for one of the best European Hardcore bands!
"The past always told me little being, today, little more than the place that brought me here, to the Here and Now. My Now is made of a thousand moments, few lived alone and still less lived without a soundtrack. this my now would be completely different if sometime in the summer of 2003 I had not come into the hands a copy of tHE GLORY fOR demo. I'm sure it would not be the same person if this band over the years did not become more than music. Over the years FOR THE GLORY has become a place, a comfort zone where I passed, step and where I want to spend all the time that has to be ... the best, I am not even alone here.
In 2017, after 14 years of band, four studio records and a number of other releases in the most varied formats to join the numerous concerts and moments lived in when band appears "NOW AND FOREVER".
Without looking back but never forget all this way, "NOW AND FOREVER" shows us a band far from the cliché "nothing to prove" that many hardcore bands preach, "NOW AND FOREVER" shows us everything to prove, an album recorded with the enthusiasm of a band on the first day of the studio. It is almost audible this "innocence" to enter a studio of friends, surrounded by friends, with the participation of so many friends to record a record for all.
With eleven songs in less than 30 minutes FOR THE GLORY returned in the spring of 2017 to Ultrasound Moita Studios (where they had already recorded "Some Kids Have to Face" - 2011 HellXis Recs / Raging Planet), again under the Hugo Andrade supervision and mastering by Miguel Tereso in the Demigod Studios. At first hearing is easy to recognize as the most raw and direct drive and at the same time one that shows a wider range of influences, "NOW AND FOREVER" with the participation of Diogo César (Steal Your Crown), Rui "Fac" (Grankapo) And Tiago Mateus (European Hardcore Pool Party Crew) and hits the streets in September 2017, again with the label of Rastilho Records.
If the future is to be written, it is from this place that we look back; The kids that we are and the stories that brought us here, all together. For the glory of doing something for ourselves, for the kids that we are, for the kids that, everyone, we will always be."
Filipe Severo, June´2017

Tracklist, CD
When the Time Comes
These Streets
Now And Forever
Hold The Moment
Bad Choices
Like An Arrow
With No Regrets
This is all we got
No One To Blame

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