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Behind Notheist is Gregory Lambert, multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, drums, vocals amongst others) & producer. Well known in the French metal scene, Greg’s name is associated with several major acts - MISANTHROPE (progessive/death metal, 2003), ZUUL FX (Industrial Thrash Death Metal 2002-2003, 2014-2017) CRUSHER (since 2017) and it is also associated with Alexandre Astier (who is behind the famous tv show Kaamelott) as the 8 strings guitar player of the show L’EXOCONFERENCE (2014-2016). Without leaving some of his collaborations, Greg Lambert decided in 2016 to write & record a first full solo album. This album will be released in May 2019 through Mystyk Records.
Consisting of 11 tracks, the album offers dark, raging & visceral lyrics. The 8 strings guitar (which Greg has made his specialty) is everywhere on the album. From his pronounced tastes for Thrash, Death and Black Metal, Greg has added throughout the album various influences like classic Heavy Metal, Dark Wave, Progressive Rock or Shoegaze via arrangements and effects not heard enough in the Metal scene.
1. Order in Chaos   
2. Notheist     
3. God of meat   
4. Silent Screams  
5. Freedom is a lie   
6. Deathless    
7. Those who refused to see  
8. Through my dreams  
9. Behind the lies   
10. Screw them  
11. My demise

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