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»Ninja« will mark a new chapter of PRISTINE, the fourth album will be kind of a new „debut“. Heidi will definitely keep her close affinity to nature, stamped from her home country. In a musical way, there’s no way back: The world is ready for PRISTINE!
The songs of »Ninja«, track by track from Heidi Solheims:
‘You Are The One’ 
“Things aren’t always quite what they seem through the eyes of a teenager. This song is about how things can change. I had a pretty tough time growing up. Ambitions and creativity wasn’t something you should have too much of. God forbid you should stand out from a group! In my home village this was like saying that you think are better than everyone. I learned from an early age that to be regular and average was the only way to be accepted, and as a result I was bullied for being different. I really felt like a misfit and not good enough while growing up. But with some great support from my parents and me moving away at the age of 15, things changed. I learned how to become strong, independent and actually grooming my ambitions. Now when I meet the people that brought me down, I feel only gratitude. ‘You Are The One’ is about how the tables have turned.”
1 - You Are the One 3:20
2 - Sophia 3:02
3 - The Perfect Crime 6:02
4 - The Rebel Song 5:14
5 - The Parade 4:36
6 - Ghost Chase 4:04
7 - Ninja 3:26
8 - Jekyll & Hyde 7:14
9 - Forget 3:02
10 - Ocean 2:42
11 - California (Live) 6:17
12 - No Regret (Live) 10:48

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