Recognizing that there's no such thing as bad publicity, manager-Svengali Malcolm McLaren molded the Pistols into the most confrontational, nihilistic band rock & roll had ever seen. Propelled by Johnny Rotten's maniacal vocals, Steve Jones's buzz-saw guitar, and (most importantly) bass player Glen Matlock's hook-filled compositional skills, the Pistols' early singles "Anarchy in the U.K." and "God Save the Queen" defined the raging style of British punk. By the time they recorded their lone 1977 album, Matlock had been bounced, replaced by the image-correct but utterly untalented (and ultimately group-dooming) Sid Vicious. Not a 10th as good as the singles, the album nontheless remains a bile-filled emblem of the times. --Billy Altman
Product Description
The Super Deluxe Box Set edition of Never Mind The Bollocks features three CDs and one DVD, as well as a hardback 100-page book, replica A&M "God Save The Queen"/"No Feeling" 7” single, postcards, promo stickers and a copy of original handwritten lyrics for "God Save The Queen". 
CD 1 is the original album, featuring all 12 tracks including "EMI", "Holidays in the Sun" and "Anarchy in the UK".
CD2 features the four b-sides remastered and 10 Dave Goodman January 1977 demos recorded at Gooseberry Studios.
CD3 includes 20 live tracks from 1977 gigs in Norway and Sweden.
The DVD contains a mixture of promo videos, live recordings and interviews with the band.
There is also 1977 (The Bollocks Diaries) - a 100 page full-colour hardback diary detailing every significant band event in this explosive year. Written by former Mojo editor Pat Gilbert, the book includes multiple quotes from key figures, previously unseen photos, recording details, memorabilia and much more.

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