Lies They Tell Our Children

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Available from 06/01/2023

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Pittsburgh punk rockers ANTI-FLAG will release their 13th album, "Lies They Tell Our Children", on January 6. In addition to the pre-released single "LAUGH.CRY.SMILE.DIE." featuring Shane Told of Silverstein, the album features several notable guest appearances, including Tim McIlrath of Rise Against, Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage and many more.
The band says of their upcoming album, "There's no other way to put it, "Lies They Tell Our Children" is the best version of Anti-Flag we've ever been. We haven't had the privilege and opportunity to write together every day and focus on every detail of an album in over a decade, and I think you can feel that collaboration and sense of togetherness in these songs more than on any other record of ours. The album itself is the first concept album we've ever made, born out of an obsessive need to not only comment on the dystopian corporate landscape we all face, but to trace it back to the origins of that fate; the political policies, laws, cultural changes and injustices that have led us to the world we live in today," the band continues, "Like our band itself, the album is of course an anti-war statement, both literally and figuratively. In order to better understand how to eradicate climate destruction, imperialism, war-based economics, racism-based systems, and the growing belief that these things don't even exist, you have to take people to the source. This idea is at the heart of Lies They Tell Our Children: you have to bring this wretched history to their attention and invite their compassion."!

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