How To Shroud Yourself With...


Available from 26/08/2022

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It’s often the most difficult challenges that force a musician to grow artistically. For Lacrimas Profundere, one of the most innovative and successful German dark metal bands of our time, their latest studio album ‘How To Shroud Yourself With Night’ was primarily about the implicit burden imposed by their 2019 hit record ‘Bleeding The Stars’, whose success had indirectly raised huge expectations: “Album of the Month” in magazines such as Metal Hammer, Orkus and Dead Rhetoric, top 10 positions in other important publications, plus a chart entry and the group’s most successful headlining tour to date. Who wouldn’t be tempted to flirt with a sequel of that success story? 1. Wall Of Gloom 4:21
2. A Cloak Woven Of Stars 3:38
3. Nebula 3:23
4. In A Lengthening Shadow 3:36
5. The Curtain Of White Silence 5:28
6. Unseen 3:52
7. The Vastness Of Infinity 4:08
8. To Disappear In You 3:53
9. An Invisible Beginning 3:51
10. Shroud Of Night 3:58

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