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"Their best album since ‘Bloodthirst’, ‘Kill’ is a devastating strike from the US Death Metal Elite! This is what all of this year’s releases will have to be measured by." (Jan Fleckhaus, Metal Hammer, Germany) 
Since their beginning 17 years ago as a small band out of Buffalo, NY, CANNIBAL CORPSE has not only managed to go platinum for combined worldwide sales of all albums, but in the process also gained one of the strongest and most loyal of all Death Metal fan bases in the genre’s history. CANNIBAL CORPSE will never ever be dethroned as the ruling leaders of Death Metal. Once banned in Australia, New Zealand & Korea… Censored in Germany, where they are still banned from performing any material off their first three albums… One would think this would hurt sales and inhibit the band’s availability to grow, but not CANNIBAL CORPSE! Just recently it has been discovered that the band is now officially the top selling Death Metal band of the SoundScan Era! Now the band present "Kill", their simply, aptly and uncompromisingly titled tenth studio album, with the Florida legend sounding raw, hard and merciless, more so than ever before. CANNIBAL CORPSE haven’t lost any of their (s)kills over the years, providing their numerous fans with a neckbreaking massacre that will have all their peers look up in amazement before they are shred to pieces! CANNIBAL CORPSE kill them all!
1. The Time To Kill Is Now 
2. Make Them Suffer 
3. Murder Worship 
4. Necrosadistic Warnings 
5. Five Nails Through The Neck 
6. Purification By Fire 
7. Death Walking Terror 
8. Barbaric Bludgeonings 
9. The Discipline Of Revenge 
10. Brain Removal Device 
11. Maniacal 
12. Submerged In Boiling Flesh 
13. Infinite Misery

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