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Double coloured vinyl edition of Anathema's fifth album. 
Retaining elements of the band's Metallic origins, Judgement is an atmospheric and beautifully constructed album that also showcases Anathema's talent for slow and haunting epics. 
Limited to just 2000 numbered copies, this heavyweight (180 gm) white vinyl is presented in a gatefold sleeve. 
Anathema formed in Liverpool in 1990, initially under the name of Pagan Angel and grew from a heavy doom/death metal style act into a more progressive and melodic group, blending rock elements with strong atmospherics inspired by classic acts such as Pink Floyd and Radiohead. The band signed with Peaceville Records after recording the 'All Faith Is Lost' demo in 1991, and are known for being part of the Peaceville doom metal trinity in the early 1990's (alongside fellow UK bands Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride). 
'Judgement' was Anathema's fifth album and was originally released in 1999. It was recorded at Damage Inc Studios in Italy with Kit Woolven producing. 'Judgement' is a largely rock-inspired album, whilst still retaining traces of the band's more metallic roots along with the Pink Floyd and also Jeff Buckley influences. 'Judgement' consists of more streamlined and polished compositions than on earlier releases, such as on the classic rock opener 'Deep', as well as Anathema's continued talent for slower, more emotional and haunting epics such as 'One Last Goodbye'. 
'Judgement' was the first album to feature new bass player Dave Pybus (Cradle of Filth) after the departure of the previous bassist (and one of the main song-writers), Duncan Patterson. Guitarist Danny Cavanagh assumed duties as the main song-writer for 'Judgement' and also contributed with keyboards on the album. Upon release, 'Judgement' was critically and commercially a great success, and is still often considered amongst the band's finest work to date. 
This vinyl edition is presented on white 180gm double vinyl, with gatefold sleeve. 
The release is limited to just 2000 numbered copies. 

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