John Garcia

CD (Napalm Records)

Available from 04/08/2014

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1. My Mind
2. Rolling Stoned (Black Mastiff Cover)
3. Flower
4. The Blvd
5. 5000 Miles
6. Confusion
7. His Bullets' Energy
8. Argleben
9. Saddleback
10. All These Walls
11. Her Bullets' Energy
John Garcia's (Kyuss, Vista Chino, Unida, Slo Burn, Hermano) first solo record. The 44 -year-old always understood to create his own style within those bands, and established himself as the most distinctive voice within the "desert rock" and stoner scene. With Vista Chino, Garcia makes music very close to his Kyuss roots, but on this self-titled solo album, he ventures into first-class, very catchy rock songs that commute equally between classic rock and concise stoner elements. Featuring legendary Robby Krieger (The Doors) on guitar duties in ''Her Bullets Energy'' - John Garcia has delivered a multi-faceted and extremely intense solo album that will stir up more dust than a sandstorm in the Californian desert. Danko Jones, Tom Brayton (Vista Chino), Mark Diamond (The Dwarves, Mondo Generator) and also Nick Oliveri (ex-Kyuss, ex-Queens Of The Stone Age, Mondo Generator) show up throughout the record as guest musicians.

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