Inhuman Spirits

CD (Massacre)

Available from 24/06/2022

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DARKANE are back!
The long-awaited seventh studio album "Inhuman Spirits" is finally here, and it is packed with intense, brutal, groovy and catchy melodic death/thrash metal!
The album features ten haunting tracks that will get your mind moving and melting! Get ready for fast, energetic and heavily grinding songs!
The high-quality musicianship, a trademark of DARKANE, was taken to the next level with a production by Lawrence Mackrory.
1. Inhuman Spirits
2. Awakening
3. Embrace The Flames
4. Conspiracies Of The Flesh
5. Inhaling Mental Chaos
6. Mansion Of Torture
7. The Quintessence Of Evil
8. A Spiral To Nothing
9. The Great Deceiver
10. Vålnader

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