God Is War

CD (Southern Lord)

Available from 20/07/2011

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A supergroup of sorts, MA hardcore band All Pigs Must Die features the talents of former Bloodhorse members on guitar and bass, the drummer from Converge and vocalist Kevin Baker, formerly of Hope Conspiracy. Grounded in old school hardcore, "God is War" mixes icy black metal guitar with Baker's straight on, hoarse and pissed vocals, with nary a growl to be heard. This is relentless pummeling through and through, with the crunch of "Sacrosanct" and "The Blessed Void" standing out only because those tracks have the best riffs on a record full of them. The Black Metal sheen is present, but the real meat is right up front in the mix, that being Baker's vocals and Adam Wentworth's guitar. All eight songs are pissed and heavy, massive and comforting in an old school punk sense. All Pigs Must Die are doing it the right way; stripped down, pure aggressive brutality honed through live work and built off of the members' previous bands. "God is War" brings home the goods with a nod to the past, but with fresh ideas of their own. This is a nasty band, with a crazed groove that keeps you pinned to the wall from beginning to end of this debut.

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