Gentle Illness


Available from 27/11/2019

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After more than three years of almost total silence cinematic black noise black metal merchant Caïna returns with a deeply personal, chaotic and terrifying album entitled “Gentle Illness”, which is penned for a 01st Nov 2019 release via Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings. With lyrical themes ranging from the UK's lack of mental health provision to extraterrestrial psychics via demonic possession and the metaphysics of suicide, “Gentle Illness” is a comprehensive guide to the very real and very personal disintegration of its creator. 
8th Album from UK Experimental Black Metal legend Caïna. 
For fans of Leviathan, Killing Joke & Gnaw Their Tongues 
Limited edition Digipack and vinyl. 
Artwork by Mow Skwoz 
Layout by Matt Vickerstaff (MY DYING BRIDE, DARKTHRONE). 
Features member of CROWHURST. 
Press by Obsidian Publicity. 
Strong social media presence. 
Video for "Your Life Was Probably Pointless" out now! -
01. Wellness Policy
02. Your Life Was Probably Pointless
03. No Princes In Hell
04. Canto
05. Gentle Illness
06. Contactee Cult
07. My Mind Is Completely Disintegrating
08. One Breath Under the Yoke Is a Fate Worse than Death 

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