Gateways to Annihilation

CD (Earache)

Available from 21/06/2011

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The first genuine death-metal band to sign to a major label, Morbid Angel could either be seen as pioneers of the blackest art, or the men who made the ultimate Faustian pact and sold their souls to the mainstream. Their seventh studio album provides proof that Florida's vilest have never let the pursuit of the dollar dull the edge of their scythe; Gateways to Annihilation appears on harder-than-thou imprint Earache Records, a sure sign that the Angel are taking no prisoners. The seven-minute post-intro opener, "Summoning Redemption," finds drummer Pete Sandoval delivering sheets of drum rolls beneath the doubled-headed assault of guitarists Trey Azagthoth and Erik Rutan. Beyond the caustic grind, Gateways is surprisingly inventive, as evidenced by the Eastern accents in Rutan's solos and classical-influenced passages.

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