Frostland Tapes

CD (Peaceville)

Available from 03/05/2011

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this is an awesome release by the best black metal band ever DARKTHRONE. this box set contains the 3 first demo's as well as an extremely rare instrumental version ov the goatlord album, and also sum very rare live tracks (the band only played 3 shows EVER) the first disc is all the demos and a track soria moria. the second disc is the 1989 demo as well as the live disc, and the third is the goatlord album. disc 1 highlight would have to be the 9 minute long epic SNOWFALL. this is a monumental song, and is only available here (unless you happen to own the demo on tape haha) it has many progressions and fenriz drumming is INSANE! the land of frost demo is also cool, fenriz did not only drums but vocals as well on it. the second disc live footage sounds excellent even for being old. the highlight for me would have to be the opener CROMLECH, amazing song that would later re apear on the debut soulsisde journeyh album. another stand out is the opening track the watchtower. now to disc 3 the intrumental album, goatlord. this was supposed to be the 2nd album but got pushed back in favor ov the now legend A BLAZE IN THE NORTHERN SKY. the album is raw and very atmospheric, i have not got a chance to hear the album with vocals though so im basing this off ov the album itself. also on it is the instrumental version ov the song a blaze in the northern sky, i prefer it over the vocal version!! it sounds so cold and evil.... the insert has a old band photo and a rare interview with fenriz and nocturno culto. all in all i was very pleased with this set by one ov my favorite bands, i highly suggest any fan ov darkthrone or black metal to shell out the 15 bucks (which is a very reasonable price!) and get this!

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