For the fallen

CD (Nuclear Blast)

Available from 24/03/2017

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CD | LP Black

“Groovy, majestic, crushing and epic. Old school death metal with a fresh touch by the legends of the scene.”
INFERNO (FIN), Tami Hintikka
“If you love BOLT THROWER and old school death metal, this album is a total must have for you! Nuff said.”
METAL HAMMER (PL), Piotr Stypka
“This is a real bomb of an album. It really kicks ass. Old school death metal doesn’t get better than this.”
SCREAM (N), Stig Odegaard
“MEMORIAM? Old school death metal the way it has to be done! No big surprises, but for sure, no bad surprises.”
ROCK HARD (F), Benjamin Baudelot
“Great comeback of the British death metal masters. An amazing old school record, BENEDICTION and BOLT THROWER fans will like it.”
ROCK HARD (IT), Andrea Raffaldini
“BOLT THROWER with some new twists, works as a whole as well as individually song for song. Well-balanced atmosphere/brutality.”
ROCK HARD (D), Andreas Schiffmann
„Definitely must have at home. Without any doubt! Killing!”
SPARK (CZ), Bob Zelenka
“Naturally we hear some trademarks from BOLT THROWER and BENEDICTION, but there’s much more. This outfit dares to go beyond boundaries or expectations, even in more sensitive and thoughtful manners.”
ROCK TRIBUNE (B), Vera Matthijssens

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