Folium Limina


Available from 23/11/2022

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A wrenching, cathartic hour of tar-thick hymns from the former members of SubRosa that fuses sludge, post-metal, darkwave and neofolk. Giving equal attention to speaker-rupturing riffs and dark, immersive atmospheres, The Otolith's debut is both a continuation of an existing musical conversation begun by the members' previous band SubRosa and a herald of something entirely new. A wrenching, stirring hour of tar-thick hymns that fuses sludge, post-metal, darkwave and neofolk during a hard-earned journey toward catharsis. 1. Sing No Coda
2. Andromeda's Wing
3. Ekpyrotic
4. Hubris
5. Bone Dust
6. Dispirit

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