Fiend Club Lounge


Available from 22/10/2021

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Expanded Edition featuring All-New Bonus Tracks! A Lounge-Core Tribute to the Legendary Horror-Punks! Yes, Fiends, the ultimate and most unusual of all Misfits tributes awaits when the Misfits meet The Nutley Brass in the Fiend Club Lounge! 13 classic era Misfits favorites have been interpreted in the form of highly well-executed, instrumental, retro-inspired "Space Age Pop" or "Lounge" style cover versions that will have horror-punks, lounge enthusiasts and fans of incredibly strange music going wild in the pit! 1 Last Caress
2 Astro Zombies
3 Where Eagles Dare
4 Some Kinda Hate
5 Hybrid Moments
6 Hatebreeders
7 Teenagers From Mars
8 Attitude
9 Angelfuck
10 Skulls
11 Die, Die My Darling
12  I Turned Into A Martian
13 Halloween

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