Face of the Unknown

CD (Rastilho Records)

Available from 13/03/2017

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CD, Digipack 2017

Pure old school Thrash-Metal!

Prayers of Sanity are best known for their fast and old-school Thrash-Metal. After releasing 2 successful albums (“Religion Blindness” 2009 and “Confrontations” 2012), they are back as a power-trio to release “Face of the Unknown” in 2017, via Rastilho Records.
     These Portuguese southerners deliver us a composition of shredding riffs, hellish drums and aggressive screams that merge into a raw, energized and pure Thrash-Metal album.
     Recording and mixing by their singer Tião Costa at LAC in Lagos and the mastering by Miguel Carvalho from DalmaProductions, result in 10 tracks of power and quality with a perfect blend of fast paced Punk and hard traditional Metal.
     The cover artwork was made by Remy C. from HeadSplit Design, known for working with bands like Whitechappel, Suicide Silence, Arch Enemy, and many more.

CD, Tracklist
01. Face of the unknown
02. Dead alive
03. Past, present, none
04. Unturned
05. In between
06. March forward
07. Someday
08. Betrayer
09. Nothing

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