Evil Remains

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The high priests of sinister doom return with “Evil Remains”, their sixth album and first for Hammerheart Records!
“Evil Remains” is a hook-laden Heavy Metal thrill-ride into Nosferatu nights! Back after a six year break with the black magic fully recharged, Castle has delivered a juggernaut of riffery in a hook laden mix of doom and psychedelictinged classic metal. Adding to the atmosphere of majestic doom, Elizabeth Blackwell’s haunted, full-blooded vocals are electric witch hymns of death and madness; ‘Hear my warning, heed my call’ indeed.
Recorded at Raincity Recorders in Vancouver B.C. by producer Jesse Gander (Anciients, 3 Inches Of Blood, Brutus) “Evil Remains” sonically balances the warm and fuzzy with the bombastic power of an alternate universe stadium rock band. Bassist/vocalist Elizabeth Blackwell and guitarist/vocalist Mat Davis bring their unique female and male vocal attack and scorching, serpentine riffs to dizzying new heights. Rounded out by drummer Mike Cotton’s thunderous precision, “Evil Remains” delivers a metallic knock out punch from the first to the last note of its eight pummeling tracks.
Written over a five year period - beginning in Castle’s then home town of Joshua Tree, California after a year-long tour for their previous album, “Deal Thy Fate” - the songwriting culminated this past year with pre-production sessions taking place in the band’s new twin home bases of San Francisco and Vancouver. Since storming out of San Francisco with their 2011 debut, “In Witch Order”, Castle has toured relentlessly, playing close to 700 shows on three continents. The live ritual resumes this September across Europe with North American dates to follow.

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