Eluveitie belong to the fast-growing Pagan Metal scene, which has been producing such exciting acts as Finntroll, Ensiferum, and Turisas. Eluveitie are quickly becoming one of today's most exciting acts and leaders of this new movement. Everything Remains... is the sound of tomorrow, mixed with the Celtic sounds of yesteryear. After an interesting diversion in the form of an acoustic album, fans were salivating for something with a harder edge. Enter 2010, and they are back with a metallic vengeance! Everything Remains... has everything metal fans could ask for: fascinating ancient melodies and stories, seemingly danceable sections, melodic death metal guitar riffs, and huge choruses that will appeal to all kinds of listeners. This album continues where Slania left off, taking the band's fresh and unique sound to an even higher level that will surely extend their reach Stateside!

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