Eterno Rancor

CD (Lifeforce)

Available from 15/03/2019

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“Eterno Rancor” - the title is program. Featuring members of SINISTRO and REDEMPTUS, the Portuguese of BESTA are disillusioned and pissed off. They express their anger with violent eruptions and merciless blastbeats. The band’s second full length feeds on pulverizing and skull fracturing punk/grindcore, raucous landscapes, and outright honesty. The quartet from Lisbon is dedicated to its extreme sound and unreservedly lives out its critical and self-determined DIY attitude. 01. Diamorte
02. Falsa Arte
03. Apóstolo do Terror
04. Sincronismo do Mal
05. Sangue Morto
06. Repúdio Alarmante
07. Um Nas Sombas
08. Sopro do Tirano
09. Ofício da Mentira
10. O Caminho da Mão Esquerda
11. Neoselvagens
12. Azul, Vermelho e Branco
13. Porco Azul
14. Saco Azul
15. Amigo Tóxico
16. The Regulator (Bad Brains cover)

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