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For the 50th anniversary of Che Guevara' death, « el Che Vive » comes out in a limited edition with a digibook, a 24 pages booklet and 2 additional songs. A revolutionary record, A musical tribute to one of the major character of the century. The 50 years anniversary of his death. 50 years ago, in a bolivian valley, ERNESTO "CHE" GUEVARA - fighting for the latin-american liberation - was captured and killed by the anti-revolution agents. His tragic death gave life to one of the most important contemporary legend. Today, the CHE is more alive than ever... and everywhere ! As a tribute to that essential revolutionary, we have collected traditional south-american songs by some of the greatest latino interprets. A real part of history... a musical path to victory ! ERNESTO GUEVARA de la SERNA (called the "CHE") was born in Argentina in 1928. This young doctor - after a trip through South America - opened his eyes and discover the social and unequal realities of his continent. Later, in Mexico, he joined the forces of a young guy called Fidel Castro to liberate Cuba. Daily working to rise a guerilla between the haves and haves-nots, he's still considered today as the Master of the latin Revolution ! Thinker, cigar smoker, poet, economist, soldier, humanist and traveler, el CHE is definitely the modern icon of the 21st century adventurer and is more alive than ever ! Since the day of his tragic murder in october 1967, the young generations round the world have adopted his face as a symbol of freedom... wearing his name and features on t-shirts, flags and posters, unfurling the portrait of a charismatic man, half-barbarian, half-messiah, with a silver star shining on his brow... This tribute album includes the most famous songs that have been composed and sung at the time of his decease. In this record, you can hear standards, like the original version of « Hasta Siempre » , by the greatest south-american artists : ATAHUALPA YUPANQUI, VICTOR JARA, CARLOS PUEBLA, DANIEL VIGLIETTI, SOLEDAD BRAVO, PATRICIO MANNS or ANGEL PARRA... Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Uruguay sing along with Cuba. A new generation of musicians combine their talents with the established ones : MIGUEL-ANGEL FILIPPINI, MATIO... It is - we think - the only way to follow that dear dream of the CHE : this union of classes, of nationalities, of lands and of ages for which - one rainy and cold day in Bolivia - he gave his life.

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