Ego Trip


Available from 21/03/2022

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Papa Roach deliver their most diverse album yet, bringing together themes of rock, rap, alternative and pop in a style that is authentically their own, on their 11th full-length album in the 22nd year of their careers.
Ego Trip sees Papa Roach continuing to break new ground in a time when many are desperate for what they once knew. As vocalist Jacoby Shaddix explains, “Now isn’t the time for comfort or conformity, but to be inspired and build something new. Something better, in order to channel something more.”
Tracks released prior to the album include the hard left turn of “Swerve” featuring Jason Aalon of Fever 333 and Sueco, the 4-week-at-#1 Mainstream Rock Hit “Kill The Noise”, the anthemic “Dying To Believe”, “Stand Up” and the powerhouse final single “Cut The Line”. An album that sprouted almost by mistake in the throes of a global lockdown, its seeds were planted when the quartet entered a COVID-secure mansion in Temecula, California in the summer of 2020. What started as an escape and an exercise in keeping the creative juices flowing, in a world that had completely ground to a halt, quickly grew into something bigger. The band continues to veer across traditional boundaries that most bands barely have the nerve to occupy, creating one of the most diverse and fearless discographies in Rock music.. 

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