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The band’s renowned spirit of determination, aggression, and musical excellence has never been more evident than on TIMELESS, the first of three EPs set for release in 2021, a sort of trilogy culminating in OF MICE & MEN’s seventh full-length album before the year’s end. Conceived in collaboration over platforms like Twitch and Zoom, in the midst of the pandemic, the California quartet’s new music is their most impressive and expansive, without sacrificing any heaviness. “Obsolete,” “Timeless,” and “Anchor” take a special place in the ever-evolving OM&M song canon.
It’s a potent and perfect storm of elements. A bombastic and uplifting roar familiar to fans of Linkin Park; a layered crunch akin to the Deftones; thrashing old school riffage a la Slayer and Exodus; the sensual atmosphere of Sade or Radiohead; swirled into a singular sound uniquely OM&M.

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