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MARTY FRIEDMAN's presence in the world of music, the world of guitar and Japanese pop culture is enigmatic, bizarre and downright inspiring. From his groundbreaking beginnings with Cacophony alongside the legendary Jason Becker to his pivotal role in Megadeth with his breathtaking range and unorthodox style, propelling Megadeth to the pinnacle of popularity with his breathtaking range and unorthodox melodic sensibilities, MARTY has MARTY has cemented his status as a unique guitar icon. With "Drama", MARTY announces his latest solo album, on which he only slightly revisits the atmospheric elements of his celebrated album "Scenes" from 1992 and elevates them to a modern and exotic collection of extravagant and unmistakably emotional mini-symphonies. mini-symphonies. The entire album brings MARTY's mesmerizing melodies, surprising arrangements and motifs even more to the fore the foreground than any of his previous works. Recorded in Italy, where, in addition to his modern signature models, MARTY also has access to a treasure trove of vintage guitars, "Drama" is a pure delight for anyone who appreciates music that stirs the emotions.

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