Dr. Feelgood

CD (Warner)

Available from 01/10/2022

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This is Motley Crue's best and most focused album. After years of shoddy, drug-influenced work with Tom Werman, The boys hooked up with future Metallica producer Bob Rock. They're commitment to sobriety was a long time coming, and with Bob Timmons help, they finally built up the courage to live clean and say nope to dope.
This album was recorded around the same time Aerosmith was working on their classic 'Pump'. In fact, both bands studios were right next to each other! On Dr. Feelgood, the production is crisp and clear. The days of partying with chicks and kegs of booze in the studio were over, no more of Nikki being too strung out to play, the Crue finally gave it 110% effort the whole way through the recording process and it paid off.

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