December Wind


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Blaze Bayley, singer with Iron Maiden 1994-1999, releases a classical acoustic album, the 11th studio record of his solo career. ‘December Wind’ features a version of ‘2AM’ which is a song originally on the X Factor album from Blaze’s time with Maiden. The album also includes 7 new songs, plus 5 bonus tracks which originally comprised the ‘Russian Holiday’ acoustic album. 1. Eye of the Storm
2. Love Will Conquer All
3. 2AM
4. Miracle on the Hudson
5. December Wind
6. We Fell from the Sky
7. The Crimson Tide
8. The Love of Your Life
9. Stealing Time (Bonus Track)
10. Russian Holiday (Bonus Track)
11. Soundtrack of My Life (Bonus Track)
12. One More Step (Bonus Track)
13. Sign of the Cross (Bonus Track)

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