Death Below

CD (Nuclear Blast)

Available from 24/03/2023

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The new album by AUGUST BURNS RED "Death Below"
More Infos:
Revolver, who put the band on their cover in 2020, observed AUGUST BURNS RED “embrace the pain so well.” It’s a truth never more evident than on "Death Below", their stunning ninth studio album. Recorded with longtime producers Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland, "Death Below" encompasses all of the pissed - off strength of the band’s past without sacrificing an ounce of catchy, melodic might.
1. Premonition
2. The Cleansing
3. Ancestry
4. Tightrope
5. Fool's Gold In The Bear Trap
6. Backfire
7. Revival
8. Sevink
9. Dark Divide
10. Deadbolt
11. The Abyss
12. Reckoning

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