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Dear desolation

CD (Nuclear Blast)
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Available from 18/08/2017

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THY ART IS MURDER furiously charges once more unto the breach, clawing and spitting against the dying light and a seemingly inevitable collapse of existence. »Dear Desolation«, the Australian metal crew’s fourth and mightiest album, is a devastating blow equally against and embracing of a cataclysmic nihilism and all-out misanthropic warfare.
Combining classic and authentic death metal elements that invoke the renegade, spirit-crushing, monstrosity of early MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE, and DECAPITATED with the precision rhythmic assault of MESHUGGAH and the breakdown-infused bounce of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, THY ART IS MURDER have redefined a once cast aside and maligned subgenre, proudly reenergizing and representing the best in extremity.
The band’s music remains uncompromising, building upon the savage momentum of the controversially outspoken »Holy War« (2015), the punishing »Hate« (2012) and their gigantic debut, »The Adversary«

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