Dead Alive


Available from 04/02/2013

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1. The Devil's Rain
2. Vivid Red
3. Land of the Dead
4. Curse of the Mummy's Hand
5. Cold in Hell
6. Dark Shadows
7. Death Ray
8. Shining
9. American Psycho
10. Dig Up Her Bones
11. Scream!
12. Helena
13. Science Fiction/Double Feature
14. Saturday Night

In 1977, at the dawn of the punk movement the Misfits set out to make an impression, and created a legacy that has truly withstood the test of time. Immortalizing black and white B horror films in their music, the Misfits developed a ghoulish and totally unique persona of their own that's consistently evolved over the years, while remaining true to its roots. Boasting a massive catalog of music old and new, a new lineup, (consistently helmed by founding member Jerry Only), and an influence felt around the world, the Misfits are generating more interest today than ever before. The raw ferocity of the legendary Misfits captured DEA.D. ALIVE! in concert on All Hallows' Eve, in the center of Times Square New York City! The 'Fits first proper live album since the 1980's is entombed in the ultimate greatest hits live package for the next generation of horror kids...A.D. With select tracks from the band's encore set at their hometown show in NJ added for good measure, (recorded live on 'Devil's Night' no less). The diverse set of modern day Misfits classics included range from current hits on through all-new live versions of earlier-era material recorded live, with a level of precision and intensity garnered in over three decades of horror business. In addition to 13 fiendish favs from the band's cryptic catalog, the live set also includes a cover version of the Rocky Horror anthem Science Fiction/Double Feature performed by the Misfits for the first time ever on any release!

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