By The Hands Of The Devil

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Available from 17/09/2011

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The most compelling Satanic Metal album since MERCYFUL FATE's legendary "Melissa"! 
The Darkest METAL album since DIO's "Holy Diver" and IRON MAIDEN's "Number of the Beast" !!! The Evilest Power Metal Album EVER! THE new Classic and the BEST Metal Album of 2011 Horns Up!!! The American metal masters return with the defining album of their illustrious 34+ year career, "By the Hands of the Devil". 
Featuring the return of original vocalist Harry Conklin of JAG PANZER fame SATAN'S HOST unleash The Metal Album of the Decade! Conklin’s powerful clean vocals lead the charge, enhanced by an enviably tight ensemble and the utterly scorching guitar work of world renowned axe- master Patrick Evil. 
SATAN'S HOST revive their cult for more extreme modern times without losing their traditional heavy metal might. Epic in every sense of the word, this is still "Metal from Hell" but shaped "By the Hands of the Devil"! Power Black Metal, Black Power Metal, categorize it how you wish - this album Fuckin' ROCKS!

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