Black Metal Cult

CD (Osmose)

Available from 05/04/2024

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2024... More than 30 years after its infamous creation, the black heart of Mütiilation is still pumping its poison. Risen from the ashes, unexpected for decades. Meyhnach, in his unpredictable wisdom, resurrected the legend and brought back Mütiilation to the earthly plane to deliver its 7th spawn. A dark masterpiece of black metal that surpasses the hopes of the mortals. Black Metal Cult is certainly the culmination that punctuates Mütiilation’s career.
The myth is alive, the Devil's among you.
1. Black Metal Cult (5:59)
2. Hominicide (6:58)
3. From the Plains of Ice and Death (7:19)
4. Into the Cursed Necropolis (7:31)
5. The Fall of Islam (8:48)
6. The Mirror of Disillusion (6:02)

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