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For many of today‘s fans of the epic metal legend from Wichita, Kansas, the cult around the band began at the turn of the millennium, because the trio was previously considered an insider tip. But the internet became a mass medium and a fan site on became the official homepage of the band that was considered lost for a long time („Circus Maximus“ from 1991 was the last sign of life until then), the first gig in Europe at the Bang Your Head Festival in Balingen (2000) took place, the until then rather unknown record „Crystal Logic“ from 1983 was rereleased via Iron Glory Records.... and finally „Atlantis Rising“ marked the official comeback in 2001. It still took until 2012 before Manilla Road really took off, releasing the bestseller „Mysterium“ and playing festivals like Hellfest“, „Maryland Deathfest“, „Psycho Las Vegas“, „700000 Tons Of Metal“ or „Sweden Rock“, but more and more people were attracted by the unique music that you can only love or hate. 01 Megalodon
02 Lemuria
03 Atlantis Rising
04 Sea Witch
05 Resurrection
06 Decimation
07 Flight Of The Ravens
08 March Of The Gods
09 Siege Of Atlant
10 War Of The Gods
11 Resurrection (Pre-Production)
12 Sea Witch (Pre-Production)
13 March Of The Gods (Live at BYH 2000)
14 Resurrection (Live at BYH 2000

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