Alcoholic Metal

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Alcoholic Metal" compiles very early Tankard demo material, which has only been around on tape. 
Along with Sodom and Kreator Frankfurt's own Tankard are one of the longest-running German Thrash Metal bands of all time. 
Before Tankard's first album "Zombie Attack" was issued via Noise Records in 1986, the band had produced two official demo tapes: "Heavy Metal Vanguard" in 1984 and "Alcoholic Metal" a year later. 
The recordings you can hear on "Alcoholic Metal" have not been re-mixed or re-mastered in any shape or form. 
"Alcoholic Metal" features 17 rare early Tankard recordings. From "Heavy Metal Vanguard" two songs made the band's debut album "Zombie Attack" (namely "Alcohol" and "Mercenary"). 
Another five songs from the second demo tape "Alcoholic Metal" found their way onto "Zombie Attack" (the title track "Zombie Attack", "Mercenary", "Poison", "Acid Death" and "Screaming Victims"). 
In addition to that, Tankard recorded a new version of "Alien" with different lyrics for their legendary mini-album from 1989. 
A couple of other demo tracks appeared on even later Tankard albums: "Death by Whips" ("Disco Destroyer", 1998), "Incredible Loudness" ("Kings of Beer", 2000) and "Rundown Quarter" ("B-Day", 2002). 
"Devil's Game2, "Arson", "Heavy Metal", "Deadly Intention" and "Thunder and Lighting" (no Lizzy cover!) appear exclusively on this compilation for the very first time! 
Includes a 20-page booklet!

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