Aggresive Measures


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A re-issue of the fourth studio album by the death metal veterans from the Netherlands! Originally released in 1998, this masterpiece of death metal mayhem still holds up as a prime representative of the genre at its absolute best. Brutally concise and uncompromising, full of the devastating drumming of Aad Kloosterwaard (later, the band's singer), the crushing guitar riffs of Bart van Wallenberg, and crowned with Eric de Windt's massive and furious growl, Sinister's ˶Aggressive Measures” must be seen as nothing less than an absolutely timeless death metal classic. 1. Upcoming
2. Aggressive Measures
3. Beyond the Superstition
4. Into the Forgotten
5. Enslave the Weak
6. Fake Redemption
7. Chained in Reality
8. Emerged with Hate
9. Blood Follows the Blood

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