A girl called Cerveza

CD (Nuclear Blast)

Available from 27/06/2012

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When the indestructible alcoholic thrash metallers TANKARD and Nuclear Blast tied the knot at the beginning of this year, it was a wedding because of love. Now, with “A Girl Called Cerveza”, the first offspring is about to be born. In the 30th year of its existence, the quartet still proves to be an alcoholised tower of strength and beats us round the head with high-proof thrash salvos on its 15th studio record. Fast crushers, brilliant guitar riffs and grooving mosh attacks in combination with great melodies result in one of the best TANKARD albums of all time. Songs like the title track “A Girl Called Cerveza” for which a music video will be shot, “Running On Fumes”, “Rapid Fire” or “The Metal Ladyboy” are catchy as hell and offer a huge hit potential. For the last-mentioned, TANKARD could even win metal queen Doro Pesch over as a guest vocalist. The album was produced in the legendary Studio 23 in Frankfurt, Germany by Michael Mainx (BÖHSE ONKELZ, DER W, DISBELIEF, D-A-D), who’s responsible for the album’s fresh and earthy sound. The fans are being served with highly entertaining hits non-stop. So get your canned beer out, crank up the volume and party hard! The history of TANKARD is extraordinary: The thrash metal combo from Frankfurt was brought into being in the early 80’s and was part of the big German wave of thrash metal (e.g. KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, SODOM…) that achieved success all around the world. While other bands parted ways because of quarrels, just to come up with a big re-union later, TANKARD never had to cope with such problems. They’ve always been there: Not one day dead! The band released high-quality albums uninterruptedly and thereby was able to enlarge and to solidify the global fan base. By now the band has achieved cult status – when thinking of thrash metal and beer, TANKARD sure is he first thing that crosses one’s mind. With “A Girl Called Cerveza“, the four beer fetishists will release one of the best albums of their entire career on the 27th of July!

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