The Weeding

CD Special Edition (Season of Mist)

Available from 22/04/2022

Also Available in CD , LP12 Vinil (View All)

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ON SALE FROM 20/05/2022 UNTIL 31/05/2022

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'The Weeding,' the long out-of-print 2009 Mini-LP from the world's dankest death-dealers CANNABIS CORPSE, sees its worldwide re-release via Season of Mist. This cult recording of thick, groove-laden death set the stage for the world-class pummeling of the ensuing three full-length albums ('From Wisdom To Baked,' 'Left Hand Pass' and 'Nug So Vile’). 'The Weeding' is available again on limited digipak CD. 1. Shit of Pot Seeds
2. Vaporized
3. Skull Full of Bong Hits
4. Sickening Photosynthesis

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