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The brand new self titled album from metal legends Flotsam and Jetsam is the culmination of a year of hard work showing five very distinct personalities and influences come together for common goal of creating another soon to be metal classic, as well as another pillar in the foundation of a band that has managed to stay alive and current amongst an ever-changing music scene.
Outstanding new studio album by the Phoenix (Arizona)-based U.S. thrash metal icons FLOTSAM & JETSAM.
Self-titled album after 35 years of band history and 30 years as recording artists, displaying special confidence and trust in
the band’s newest creation consisting of all brand new songs.
Typical Flotsam And Jetsam style with a back-to-the-roots approach.
Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted is a founding member of Flotsam And Jetsam.
Flotsam And Jetsam are one of the most unique and recognizable bands the Metal scene has to offer.
Excellent and active touring band, European tour in preparation for fall 2016.
Mix and Mastering by Chris Collier (Prong).
Comes with sales sticker.
Two digital singles released upfront, with official clip and lyric video.
Free song download.
Video trailers on Youtube & Facebook.
Advertisements (print) in relevant magazines, extensive online campaign w/ Facebook/Youtube/Google ads.
Worldwide street team/e-team campaign with spreading of flyers at events/clubs.
Gimmicks: flyers, stickers, matches, beer mats.
For fans of: Metallica, Sacred Reich, Testament, Forbidden.
01 Seventh Seal
02 Life Is A Mess
03 Taser
04 Iron Maiden
05 Verge of Tragedy
06 Creeper
07 L.O.T.D.
08 The Incantation
09 Monkey Wrench
10 Time to Go
11 Smoking Gun
12 Forbidden Territories

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