The Haunted Made Me Do It

CD+DVD (Earache)

Available from 21/06/2011

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From the great grooves of the Gothenburg, Sweden, death-metal scene that spawned Entombed, Dismember, and the Haunted's immediate ancestor, At the Gates, comes another successful wedding of ominous Slayer-inspired metal with hard-hitting traditional rock. The accessibility of the onslaught brings Motörhead to mind, though the Haunted's sound is cleaner. In the Swedish style, even when the vocals are total gross-outs and the drums smack mercilessly, the guitars construct catchy melodic patterns like something from Judas Priest. With so much going on stylistically, the Haunted don't take metal to the next level; rather, they mark a new beginning in the vital, prolific Swedish scene. --Ian Christe
Product Description
Limited edition 2007 two disc (CD + PAL/Region 0) release, part of Earache's Classic Album series celebrating 20 years of bringing noise to the masses, Each release features a bonus DVD with both discs housed in branded packaging that will form a cohesive set of essential classics Each Classic Album release is available in a limited pressing to highlight a particularly important or groundbreaking album from the formidable Earache catalogue. Originally issued in October 2000, The Swedish band's Haunted Made Me Do It proved to be a springboard to success for the band, and has subsequently become established as the fan's definitive The Haunted album. Featuring the classic tracks 'Bury Your Dead', 'Hollow Ground' and 'Trespass'. The original CD is bolstered by the addition of one bonus audio track ('Shithead') and the Caught on Tape DVD which features two complete live gigs (from Sweden and Japan) plus a revealing behind the scenes documentary. Earache.

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