Wolves Who Were Men (Hardback Box)

Autor: Ricardo S. Amorim

Editora: Cult Never Dies

Idioma: Inglês

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It is available as a standalone paperback and as a deluxe hardback.

1) The book in hardback edition 
2) Exclusive CD featuring the out-of-print 1993 'Anno Satanæ' demo plus 2 bonus tracks by pre-Moonspell outfit Morbid God.
3) Large and extremely high quality flag
4) Deluxe reinforced card box with hot foil gold Moonspell logo on its lid.
5) 12 x 350gsm art prints, featuring superb photography of the band 
6) 'Wolves Who Were Men' double-sided print bookmark 
7) Guitar plectrum with double-sided print
8) A certificate of authenticity *signed by all band members*

Huge and candid 450 page book featuring lengthy interviews with the group’s current and former members – as well as members of bands such as ROTTING CHRIST, CRADLE OF FILTH, SAMAEL, KREATOR, DECAYED, THE GATHERING and AMORPHIS – and a wealth of images, many previously unpublished.

Formed over a quarter century ago, Moonspell have faced both triumph and tribulation to become the most internationally celebrated Portuguese metal band in history. For the first time, their unique story is told in full in the new book Wolves Who Were Men: The History Of Moonspell, scheduled for release in English language in Autumn of 2019.
An epic, in-depth and candid read, author Ricardo S. Amorim follows the band from youthful black metal fans to experienced musicians battling the challenges of an ever-changing music industry, exploring Moonspell’s evolving sound while always focussing on the often-troubled human stories that lie behind the music. Including lengthy interviews with the group’s current and former members – as well as various comrades, including Rotting Christ, Cradle Of Filth, Samael, Kreator, The Gathering and Amorphis – it also features a wealth of images, many previously unpublished.
Presented by Crypt Publications, in unholy alliance with Cult Never Dies and Fernando Ribeiro's own Alma Mater, Wolves Who Were Men is due to be issued in a standalone paperback format, as well as a deluxe hardback box set, including hardback book, box with hot foil gold Moonspell logo, CD, flag, bookmark, plectrum, certificate signed by the band and 12 part art print set. In either format it is a must read for all Moonspell fans, as well as anyone interested in the continued development of the metal genre and the reality of life in a full-time metal band.

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