960 pages
This is the story told in Proustian detail . . . The first edited-down volume, is largely a delight, and the story is told so definitively that, after this, that really should be it. Secondary sources are comprehensively mined; letters, public records and business documents have been found in places no one else ever thought to look . . . Lewisohn is a Beatles oracle (John Harris Guardian)
Never previously have the Beatles' formative years been recounted in such detail. It is unlikely to be surpassed (Michael Watts Daily Telegraph)
I can think of no greater praise for Tune IN than to say that it gives The Beatles the beginnings of the biography they deserve. It is hard to imagine the subsequent volumes, covering more familiar ground, matching the gripping quality of this constantly surprising work. But Lewisohn's clear head and good humour augur well. The main feature may not have even started yet, but this is the classiest of prequels (Peter Aspden Financial Times)
A major event in music publishing this month as Tune In by Mark Lewisohn lands..the definitive account of The Beatles (GQ)
Lewisohn has done an astonishing job. I can't wait for volume two (Independent)
An epic on an unprecedented scale . . . Lewisohn has no serious rival (Irish Times)
Book Description
The first part of the definitive three-volume biography of the Beatles

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