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Sofa Head My Life As A Corpse
2 –Doom (2) Police Bastard
3 –Nausea (2) Godless
4 –Karma Sutra Poll Tax
5 –Moral Suckling One Less Lie
6 –Hiatus (2) Devastation Of Life
7 –Pissed Sunrise In The West
8 –One By One Common Ground
9 –Negative Stance Cerci's Servants
10 –Resist (2) Refuge
11 –State Of Fear Bloodthirsty System
12 –Icons Of Filth Cut The Crap
13 –Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys Beer
14 –Christdriver Drone (Shortened Version)
15 –Civil Disobedience Cursed Earth
16 –Misery (4) Next Time
17 –Servitude You Can't Drink Petro
18 –React (4) No I Won't
19 –Detestation Your Choice
20 –A//Political Rebels In Sheep's Clothing
21 –Phobia (6) Rotten To The Core
22 –Resist And Exist Insurrectionist Deed (Intro Cut)
23 –Provoked (2) Black Hole
24 –Another Oppressive System Desperate Cry
25 –Human Waste Bevittna Min Undergång
26 –Disrespect Rich Kid
27 –Garmonbozia (2) Ugly
28 –Extinction Of Mankind Without Consent
29 –Behind Enemy Lines The Global Cannibal
Included with Profane Existence #45.
All songs were previously released by Profane Existence except:
Track 4 - compilation project (EXIST 004) never released.
Track 29 from the CD of the same title released by Antagony Media Records

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